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Gun Drilling Machines

These high- end Gun Drilling Machines are capable of developing precision holes ranging from 1 50 mm in diameter. These machines are ideal to maintain high accuracy with precision in extreme depth-to-diameter ratios. They are designed to use internal coolant to make the chip exit through groove in the tool to ensure to carry out the drilling process in clean and effective manner. These precisely designed machines are ideal to provide the best results in optimum conditions. These machines are well-equipped with a high pressure pump to ensure to deliver lubricant to the rear.

Features of Gun Drilling Machines:

1) Driven by the spindle if the work piece is rotating.
2) Expertly engineered to ensure precise and efficient drilling.
3) Available with smart controls for spontaneous setup and operation.
4) Intuitive operation and management for ensuring short lead time, and trouble-free installation.

Single Axis Gun Drilling Machine

Single Axis Gun Drilling Machine is designed to meet the deep hole drilling demands with excellent precision, productivity and reliability. This is a compact and affordable machine ideal to tool up for gun drilling range from 1.5 mm to 25 mm.

Features of Single Axis Gun Driller Machine:

  • Modular construction with high flexibility for standard components
  • Available with 2 spindle or 4 spindle configuration option
  • Designed to ensure complete operator safety and ease of operation
  • Rapid and operator friendly setup change-over
  • High level of automation to satisfy different needs

Technical  Specification





Drilling diameter range













Drilling depth


400/ 600/ 1000


16/ 24/ 40

Drill feed range





Power per spindle









Spindle speed range





Component outer diameter (max)









Max. Component weight










Further information


  • Offered system is accessible in three different models that can achieve various drilling diameter. 
  • It can attain maximum 1000 mm drilling depth.
  • This CNC based system is equipped with well furnished drilling box. Synchronous belt driven spindle of this machine maintains up to 5000 r operating speed.
  • Ball screw of this system is driven by servo motor through elastic coupling for achieving step less speed regulation facility.
  • Special design of drilling bar of this machine can attain required drilling depth.
  • Headstock of this machine has been specially developed to improve its spindle rotation speed. 

Micro Gun Drilling Machines

Precihole's Micro Gun Drilling Machines are suitable to drill into assorted medical implants which requires drilling of precise and deep holes. Some of the crucial and renowned parts of this machine are component counter rotation, high pressure coolant pump, high speed motorized spindles, multiple tool steadies and tool monitoring system. Owing to these, three main features are instilled into the drill machines viz outstanding straightness, excellent bore tolerance and superior surface finish. These are also suitable for complex medical applications.

Our offered GDM Series Micro Gun Driller Machines are designed for medical implants for small hole diameter drilling. These are also used in aerospace and automotive industries for diverse purposes. Apart from this, the said equipments are robust in construction, easy to handle, consumes less power and requires low maintenance. Moreover, GDM Series make the process of drilling convenient and quick with its reliable features. This machine can be easily customized in order to provide excellent straightness, surface finish and bore tolerance.

Machine Attributes :-

  • It has ultra high speed precision motorized spindle which makes the process quick.
  • To ensure excellent straightness component hinder rotation.
  • This machine has ball screw and servo drives for linear motion.
  • Also consists multiple tool steadies to provide appropriate tube support.
  • Three jaw self-centering chuck clamping arrangement is equipped for better performance.
  • It has high pressure coolant and fine filtration system.
  • Oil chilling and Automatic Lubrication helps in smooth functioning.
  • Mitsubishi / Siemens PLC controls are featured in this machine along with touch screen HMI.
  • Tool monitoring system helps in ensuring tool breakage prevention.

Features of Micro Gun Drilling Machines:

  • Ergonomically Designed Machine Guarding: The design is specifically targeted to ensure safety of operator and aesthetics of the machine. Further, ergonomic design also allows simpler operation and maintenance.
  • Axis Motion on LM Guides: The feed motion is carried out in LM rails, which is accurate and preloaded. This motion is ideal for conducting deep hole drilling.
  • Ball Screw & Servo Drives: Preloaded nuts and precision ball screws are tension-mounted along with fixed support at each of its two ends.
  • High Pressure Coolant System: The pumping system of this micro gun drilling machine is high positive displacement type. Also, variable flow technique is present.
  • Fine Coolant Filtration System: There are several baffles present in the tank. From these baffles, the coolant is routed. Thereafter, these are passed via multistage filtration which guarantees finest filtration, making it perfect for deep hole drilling.

Centralized Lubrication System: Specific quantity of lubrication oil shot is injected into elements such as ball screws and LM guides. This is done in regular time intervals.

High Speed PLC: Precision PLC with good interlocks are provided along with colored touchscreen HMI. To make it suitable for gun drilling, user friendly interface and various smart cutting parameters are fully optimized. Tool Accessories of Micro Gun Drilling Machines:

By dealing with us, you venture into a partnership with a one-stop shop for each and every deep hole-drilling requirements.

Technology of Micro Gun Driller Machines:

The working process followed in micro gun drilling machines was developed only to drill into Gun Barrels and was exclusive to the Defence Industry. With the passage of time, this technology expanded and found use in industries such as medical implants, die & mold, automotive, oil & gas, aerospace and others. This technology and machine is ideal for increasing the process productivity and reliability.

Conventional drilling standards are not enough if it is desired to achieve increased tool life and surface finish along with precise hole straightness. The gun drilling technology or process is used for making deep and straight holes. When compared with the conventional twist drilling technology, our machine can eccentrically cut through the metal. Furthermore, once the bit is inside the component, then the tool self-pilots itself. Further, burnishing of the hole is done with help of guide pads. This makes the hole precise in terms of round shape and straightness. After wards,

  • Coolant is inserted via the hole into the tool
  •  Chips are gushed out via V shaped profile
  • The effectiveness of Gun Drilling is from 1 to 30

Specifications Of Micro Gun Drilling Machines:

  • Model  : GVNO6C
  • Drilling Diameter Range  : 1-6 mm
  • Spindle  : 1/2 nos.
  • Drilling Depth:  : 300 mm
  • Drill Feed Range  : 0-1000 mm/Min
  • Power per Spindle  : 1.5kW
  • Spindle Speed range  : 1000-24 000 rpm
  • Component Outer Dia(Max.)  : 40 mm
  • Foot Print (L X W)  : 3000X2000 mm

Technical Details Of Micro Gun Drilling Machines:

  • Description  : GDM06C
  • Drilling Diameter Range (mm)  :1-6mm
  • Spindles (Nos.)  :1/2nos
  • Max. Drilling Depth (mm)  : 300
  • Part OD Range (mm)  : 40
  • Part Clamping System  : Hydraulic Cone Clamping / Chuck Clamping
  • Max. Component Weight (kg)  : 10
  • Counter Rotation Speed (rpm)  : 500 - 1000
  • Drill Feed Range (mm/min)  : 0 - 1000
  • Rapid Traverse (mm/min)  : 4000
  • Power per Spindle (kW)  : 1.5
  • Spindle Speed (rpm)  : 1000 - 24000
  • Coolant Tank Capacity (liters)  : 380
  • Max. Coolant Pressure (bar)  : 200

Gun Drilling Machine

Gun drilling is a deep hole drilling process that needs cutting tool to create holes in metal in diameters from 1 50. Gun Drilling Machine is ideal for the process as it is available with unique head geometry to drill deep holes by using high pressure coolant for creating holes even at extreme depths. The process of gun drilling is refined for attaining maximum performance in different domains from firearms, diesel fuel components, plastic injection molds, medical tooling, etc. Gun drilling can be completed on common CNC machines to create holes with a depth-to-diameter ratio of 20:1. In addition, it can also reach extreme ratios of 400:1.

  • Precihole offers comprehensive range of Single Axis Gun Drilling Machines featuring drilling capabilities from Dia. 1.5mm to 25mm and lengths up to 1000mm.
  • Modular Design ensures quicker delivery and off the shelf spares availability.
  • Various configurations are available like Job Stationary/Counter-rotating, Single Spindle/Twin Spindle/Four Spindle, Loading and Unloading Manual/Automatic.
  • Tooling and work holding are provided to suit your component.
  • The Company also offers custom solutions to suit your requirements.
  • Professional Installation, Training, Documentation and Process engineering are all provided by Precihole to successfully adapt the machine at customer site.

Three Axis Gun Drilling Machine

  • Precihole offers new series of Three Axis Gun Drilling Machines from Dia. 4mm to 25mm and up to 1000mm deep.
  • X Stroke - 500mm, Y Stroke - 300mm.
  • Modular Design ensures quicker delivery and off the shelf spares availability.
  • The Company also offers custom solutions to suit your requirements.
  • Tooling and work holding are provided to suit your component.
  • Professional Installation, Training, Documentation and Process engineering are all provided by Precihole to successfully adapt the machine at customer site.
Specifications Of Three Axis Gun Drilling Machine:

  • Model  : XYGVN12, XYGVN25, XYGVN40
  • Drilling Diameter Range  : 2-12 5-25, 840 mm
  • Drilling Depth  : 600 / 1000 mm
  • Drill Feed Range  : 0-1000 mm/Min
  • Power per Spindle  : 2.2, 7.5, 15 kW
  • Rapid Traverse  : 8 m/Min
  • Spindle Speed range  : 1000-1200, 600-6500, 300-3200 rpm
  • Working Envelope  : 500 (W) x 300 (H)
  • X Axis Travel x Y Axis Stroke  : 500x300 mm
  • Max Component Weight on Table  : 1000 kg
  • Spindle Center Height from Table Top  : 50-350 mm

More details


  • This ergonomically developed machine uses external chip removal is suitable for external chip removal as well as for internal chip removal purposes.
  • This system can maintain maximum 40 mm drilling diameter and up to 1000 mm drilling depth. 
  • Spindle of this machine can attain maximum 3200 rpm speed. 
  • This machine is capable of comprehending surface roughness/smoothness with the progress of its reaming and drilling jobs.
  • Offered system is useful for creating blind/through/step hole.
  • CNC technology based operation of this machine makes it suitable for small and large batches of production. 



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